As your representative,  Audrey will...

  • Support increasing the minimum wage to $15 for all workers, including tipped employees
  • Reduce the number of residents living in food deserts through seed money and training for local entrepreneurs to open and manage grocery stores
  • Provide free and healthy breakfast and lunch to all students from preschool through graduate school
  • Provide grants to hospitals, schools, and community centers to establish community gardens to grow local, fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs
  • Expand scholarships and financial aid to cover all education-related expenses including food, transportation, and fees to reduce hunger among university students
  • Require colleges and universities to establish food banks/pantries to serve students and local residents while also reducing food waste from on-campus cafeterias and dining halls
  • Deliberately expand fair housing programs and actively repair the generational damage done by housing discrimination and redlining
  • Utilize civil asset forfeiture to acquire the properties of individuals found guilty of housing discrimination and utilize the seized properties for public housing
  • Prevent predatory lending by requiring that all mortgage costs are clear, risks are visible, and nothing is buried in fine print
  • Invest in affordable housing in rural Pennsylvania
  • Expand the right to counsel for tenants facing eviction
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