As your representative,  Audrey will...

  • Invest in a diverse portfolio of sustainable water solutions like water recycling and reuse and using natural infrastructure to store more water while protecting ecosystems
  • Guarantee free, clean, drinkable water as a human right to every person on PA soil
  • Create a comprehensive, zero-emissions, fare-free rail system that services long-distance and local routes and invest enough in this project that the rail system actually outperforms car travel
  • Build infrastructure by providing funding and incentives so underserved, unconnected areas get affordable broadband services
  • Eliminate state laws that block local governments from building their own broadband infrastructure
  • Expand access to high-speed broadband so public schools have the reliable and high-speed internet access they need for digital learning
  • Connect public spaces like airports, mass transit systems, recreation centers, and career centers to high-speed internet so they can offer free wifi to the public
  • Deploy 5G wireless and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections and enable the "Internet of Things"
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