As your representative,  Audrey will...

  • Protect women’s health and reproductive rights
  • Address women’s conditions in prison including sexual assault and denial of proper medical care
  • Proudly stand with Planned Parenthood
  • Ensure that the constitutional right to an abortion is accessible regardless of income or geography
  • Create and fully fund a functional, accountable state-wide program to house, support, and provide mental health treatment to all individuals impacted by domestic violence, trauma, and partner/child abuse
  • Lower the legal threshold for intervention by the state on behalf of abused and neglected children
Provide appropriate state funding to clear the backlog of untested rape kits. Pennsylvania will be required to implement four reforms:
  • Annually count and report the number of untested rape kits
  • Require the submission and testing of all newly collected rape kits within a short time frame
  • Track rape kits and give victims the right to know the status of their rape kits
  • Increase the availability of rape kits statewide, including in rural and remote areas
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